About Kayla

Kayla Sophie Moore is currently a student at the University of Miami. She is transferring from SUNY New Paltz where she performed in Mad Forest written by Caryl Churchill under the direction of Catherine Doherty. Later, she performed in Comedy of Errors written by William Shakespeare where she played the role of Dromio of Ephesus under the direction of Connie Rotunda.

Kayla loves teaching and working with children. This summer she was a music teacher at the New Castle Day Camp. Last summer, Kayla worked at Camp Ma-He-Tu, a Lutheran girls sleepaway camp in Bear Mountain, where she was an assistant drama teacher and choreographer for the camp play. She loves the outdoors, and was also a general counselor at this camp. She lived in a tent for about two months deep in the woods, living with campers and keeping them safe.

Other interests include painting, baking, and exercising. Kayla loves kickboxing, CrossFit, yoga, kayaking, and overall staying healthy inside and out. One of her goals is to become a trainer at the University of Miami gym. She is also planning on traveling the world as soon as possible.

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